Personal Vision Statement 

To Become an Agent of Change who Inspires and Influences Change in Others from who they are-Real Selves, to who they Desire to Become-Ideal Selves.

Personal Mission Statement

To Embrace, Engage, Enlighten, Equip, and Empower others

Personal Purpose Statement

Living a purposeful and meaningful life greater than my needs by doing great things in small ways to Embrace, Engage, Enlighten, Equip, and Empower others, one individual at a time, for the greater benefit of the society and for the generations to come through Christ the source of my strength.

Core Values

Purposeful. Self-driven. Highly-motivated. Mindful. Passionate. Thoughtful. Practical.


What's in a Name

  • Antony: Priceless and worthy of praise ​​

  • Alexanderia: Defender of men and protector of humankind. Associated with Alexander the Great

  • Irungu: Makes right, straightens, reforms

My Story

Our lived experiences are the stories that define us. We all have stories of where we are coming from, where we are, and where we are headed; stories of triumph over challenge, faith over fear, courage over timidity, hope over uncertainty, happiness over sorrow, and relief over pain. Here, I share my personal story about growing up in poverty, pursuing higher education, anticipatory grief (waiting for my mother to die), and pursuing a higher purpose, among others.

My Credo

  • I believe in open-mindedness 


  • I believe in helping others without expecting anything in return


  • I believe in the holistic balance of the body, mind, and soul


  • I believe in teaching people how to fish and not giving them the fish

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