Personal Growth

Personal Growth & Development

  • Finding Your Purpose: There is a divine calling (higher purpose) in you if only you can seek it to lead a fulfilling life​

  • Personal Branding, Strategic Self-Marketing, and Positioning: Build your unique identity, reputation, and niche​

  • Self Leadership: Lead yourself first before you lead others​

  • Time Management and Priority Management: Place very important things first and achieve more with the less time you have​

  • Emotional Intelligence: Recognize, control, and manage your emotions and of others as a leader​

  • Critical Thinking: Think objectively, systematically, and rationally in an organized manner when making well-reasoned judgements​

  • Problem Solving: Address problems at their root cause​

  • Negotiation Skills: Don’t settle for less but be a great dealmaker​

  • Effective Communication: Be heard and understood by intentionally expressing your thoughts, ideas, and opinions with purpose, concise, confidence, clarity, and compassion ​

  • Personal Assessment, Improvement, and Development Tools (PAID): Learn to use simple models to identify areas of personal improvement and work through the process to transform yourself